Shin splints frequently asked questions


What are shin splints?

Shin splints are a painful condition in which the bone tissue and thin membranes of the lower shin bone become inflamed. For more information go to our shin splints what are they pages? by clicking here.


What are the causes of shin splints?

Shin splint can be caused by overload, biomechanical abnormality and poor footwear. For more information go to our shin splints causes pages. By clicking here.


what are the signs and symptoms of shin splints?

Shin splint pain is felt in the lower leg. Posterior shin splints are felt felt as pain on the lower inside of the shin. Anterior shin splints are felt as pain on the upper outside of the shin and bony shin splints are felt as generlised pain in the shin bone. For more information about these types of shin splints click on the links above.


What is the treatment for shin splints?

Treatment for shin splints are many and varied. They include shin splints stretching exercises, shin splints strengthening exercises, shin splints orthotics and rest. For more information go to our treatment pages by clicking here.


Can orthotics help shin splints?

Orthotics may be vital when treating shin splints. They can alter biomechanical abnormality that may cause shin splints. For more detailed information on orthotic shin splints click here.


Does poor biomechanics affect shin splints?

Biomechanical abnormality is the primary cause of shin splints. For more information visit our shin splints biomechanics pages by clicking here.


Do my running shoes contribute to shin splints?

Running shoes may contribute to the symptoms of shin splints. Worn out shoes don't provide the support needed when doing sport. Form more information check out our shin splints running shoe guide by clicking here.


Do i need a professional opinion to diagnose my shin splints?


If you think you have shin splints its always wise to visit a sports podiatrist to confirm the diagnosis.

Visit our sports podiatry clinic pages for a clinic near you.